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We will ask 100's or even 1000's of people per campaign to post fun, quirky content to Instagram, whether it be an existing ad or a photo made by you.

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Sample Ad

BT Sport Box Office Ad

Take a picture of yourself with your fists up ready for a fight with the caption "I’m #teamfury 18/12/21 on BT Box Office @hey_partners"

Sample Ad

Goodyear Ad

Take a picture of yourself standing, inside, with your hands on your stomach and post, with the caption "It's been a @GoodYear, this will be a spare tyre come January @hey_partners #GoodYearSpares.”

Sample Ad

Halfords Ad

Take a picture of the worst car you can find and post with the caption "This car needs to get a Halfords MOT (@hey_partners @Halfords #HalfordsMOT)".

Frequently asked Questions

More About Hey!

Hey! looks at your existing Instagram profile to work out what sort of content you normally share. That way if you normally post about cars or your pets, we may ask you to work with a car brand or pet food. We call this you ‘relevance’ to the advertiser.

However, we all know that just because you post pictures of your pets, that doesn’t mean you’d not still love to work with fashion advertisers. Our algorithms are able to predict your potential performance for an advertiser and enable you to still be selected for these campaigns. We call this your ‘performance potential’ to the advertiser.

This allows us to offer advertisers a blend of relevance and performance to best achieve their marketing goals, and it allows you to only consider opportunities which are right for you.
You will receive an email letting you know that you have been matched with an advertiser, confirming the price they are offering, as well as the key dates by which the content needs to be created and instructions on what needs to be done to qualify for payment.

You are now able to choose whether to accept the campaign or not - there is no obligation to do anything. However, if you accept the campaign and submit the content according to the brief before the deadline, you will be automatically paid.
This changes from advertiser to advertiser and is dependent on your ‘relevance’ and ‘performance potential’ (See- “How am I matched to advertisers”).

Additionally it will be dependent on the level of complexity of the campaign, for example if you are able to complete the brief from the comfort of your own home in under 1min, you may only get £5 (again depending on your relevance and performance potential) however if the advertiser is asking you to go somewhere or do something to create a specific piece of content then that job may command a much higher reward.
Once you’ve submitted your content according to the brief and campaign timelines, our systems will automatically check that the content matches the campaign brief.

As soon as this is complete (usually the same day) your account will be credited with the campaign fee. You can make withdrawals from your account direct to your bank account, in increments of £10 as soon as your account reaches a min of £10.
It costs nothing to join Hey! and get matched to advertisers. Only once you have been matched and completed a campaign for an advertiser and the campaign fee credited to your account, will Hey! ask for a management fee of typically 20% of the campaign fee.

Think of Hey! as your agent, actively looking for opportunities for you every day and only asking for a percentage once you’ve made money.
We do not need access to your Instagram, we only need to see your past posts so that we can match you to advertisers and check once you’ve completed a campaign.

Hey! cannot access any information about you beyond the posts which you share with us.
Some Instagram accounts are linked to a Facebook account with the off-Facebook activity option turned off. You can follow the steps here to re-enable this setting. Once turned on, try linking your Instagram account again. If you are experiencing any other issues or have any other questions, please reach out to us on Instagram @hey_partners.


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